Points of Interest

Points of Interest® is the most comprehensive, location-based directory of all public and privately-owned businesses, education and leisure services in Britain.


Points of Interest contains over four million records, sourced and quality-checked from over 100 leading listing suppliers. It’s updated four times a year, so you’ll always be working with current information.

You can tailor your order to just what you need – and our tiered classifications make it easy to narrow down your choices. So if you only want to know about businesses in Wigan or banks in Kent, we're here to help.

For the public sector, Points of Interest lets you identify gaps in services and analyse changes in city centre retail space over time. This helps you to maintain a quality environment for your residents, shoppers and visitors.

POI several services

Take your analysis beyond the address

Points of Interest can help to identify places by their use and function as well as by their postal address or location. Each record also contains a telephone number, web address and brand, where appropriate.

POI Comprehensive

The nearest of anything, anytime

Over 45% of Points of Interest records are businesses. It shows the organisation and activity at commercial addresses in Great Britain, and includes the brand, phone number and web URL of major businesses.

POI Precisely segmented

Target the competition

Thanks to its detailed company classifications linked to addresses, you can conduct detailed competitor and site analysis for the potential location of your next highstreet outlet.


Key featuresWhat this product offers



Accommodation; eating and drinking; commercial services; attractions; sport and entertainment; education and health; public infrastructure; manufacturing and production; retail; transport.

Data structure



3-tier hierarchy (9 groups, 52 categories and 616 classes)

Key attribution

Unique reference number, feature name, classification code, geo-code, positional accuracy code, topographic reference, road network reference, distance to nearest road, postal address detail, telephone number, web URL, brand, provenance.



Update frequency

Quarterly – March, June, September and December (full re-supply).

Total feature count

More than 4,000,000.


Great Britain

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How is Points of Interest supplied?

Points of Interest is supplied on DVD; you can get updates to your area of interest each quarter. It's a text file with data separated by pipes and speech marks. We can't use commas as a separator because they occur within record entries.

This is what one looks like:

"115403011|"Cash Machine (Omnicash Ltd)"|"02090141"|542301|184691|"1"||"Not Assigned"|0|"542298.3"|"184703.5"|"4000000030155924"|"7"|"12.8"|"52a Shelley Avenue"|""|"London"|"Greater London"|"E12 6PU"|"N" |"Newham London Boro"|""|""|""|"Public Accessibility"|"ATM inside a location that is accessible in office hours and into the evening, including branch lobby"|"VocaLink"|"01- SEP- 2014"

What do I need to use it?

You will need geographic information system (GIS) software to use this data. The following OS Licensed Partners support PoI classifications: Centremaps; Dotted Eyes; eMapsite; Earthware; FiND Mapping; GetMapping; Groundsure; Mapcite; Mapmechanics and Pitney Bowes.

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Points of Interest is available under the following Licences:

Explore our data

You’re welcome to try out this data for free under our Data Exploration Licence.

Internal business use

When using OS data in your own business, you need our Framework Contract (Direct Customers) together with a data contract.

Creating products or services

To use this data commercially in your own products and services, or to distribute it, you will need to sign up to our Framework Contract (Partners) and a relevant defined use contract. This will vary depending on what you’re going to do with the data.

Collective mapping agreements

These products are available to members of public sector organisations under the following agreements:

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This product is available under the:

  • Media Licence. We encourage the use of OS maps in the media – TV, films, print and online. Sign up free to give your consumers valuable context via an authoritative map.
  • Publishing licence. This is suitable for one-off publishing of maps in publications, on merchandising and websites.
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