Terrain 2 beta

Ordnance Survey has collaborated with the Environment Agency to create a National Digital Terrain Model (DTM) on this product for a six-week trial. With a two-metre resolution, Terrain 2 enables superb modelling and analysis of features on the ground – perfect for flood risk management planning.


Terrain 2 is an elevation model of the earth's surface, excluding above-ground features such as buildings, structures and vegetation. Represented by a grid of heighted points, plotted at regular two metre intervals, Terrain 2 is ideal for landscape visualisation and fly-through sequences.

Terrain 2 provides a detailed visualisation of the bare earth. This helps you to depict the ground height for significant features such as road, rail and water networks. It is perfect for flood risk analysis or assessing potential wind farm locations.

Terrain 2 is made of high-resolution datasets seamlessly merged together to create a comprehensive National Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of Great Britain. It is currently available as part of a six-week trial.

OS Terrain 2

Best of breed

Terrain 2 is a national height model. It is created from an amalgamation of Ordnance Survey (OS) photometrically derived Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data and Environment Agency LIDAR DTM data, which also contains data from National Resources Wales.

OS Terrain 2

Accurate data

Ordnance Survey DTM source data is created exclusively from our aerial photography derived Digital Surface Models (DSM). Environment Agency LIDAR DTM data is captured with a scanning laser in winter when trees are mainly bare, ensuring laser pulses reach the ground for more complete accuracy.

OS Terrain 2

What is Terrain 2 used for?

Terrain 2 enables accurate analysis of the landscape for planning, analytical and visual purposes. With this data, you can manage assets remotely and model locations in 3D – reducing the need for time-consuming site visits and better prepare for flooding risk.



Key featuresWhat this product offers

OS DTM and EA LIDAR DTM which contains data for Wales from Natural Resources Wales





Tile size

5km x 5km

Update frequency

To be confirmed dependent on customer feedback


Great Britain


OS Terrain 2 beta is currently part of a six-week trial.
Existing customers can download the data through your OS Orders account.
If you're not an OS customer, you can download the data at the bottom of this product page.
We want to know what you think of our beta product. By downloading the sample data on this page, you agree to being contacted by OS for feedback.

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How is this data supplied and what do I need to use it?

Terrain 2 is published in two grid formats: ASCII and GeoTIFF. Both data types are created from the same source data and are supplied as 5km² tiles. You'll need geographic information system (GIS) software to use OS Terrain 2.

How will steps be minimised between datasets?

The merged area between the two datasets will consists of a 100m overlap. Within this overlap area a feathering process will be applied to minimise the potential impact of ‘steps’ caused by data captured at different times and at varying degrees of accuracy.

What will be the frequency of update for Terrain 2?

The update frequency will be dependent on customer feedback.

How do I access the Terrain 2 dataset?

Existing OS partners can access the data through OS Orders under the Developer Contract Licence. The order can only be confirmed once the Data Exploration Licence (DEL) has been accepted for this six-week evaluation period.


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Explore our data

You're welcome to try out sample data for free under our Data Explorartion Licence.

The full dataset can be accessed by existing partners through OS Orders under the Developer Contract Licence. The order can only be confirmed once the Data Exploration Licence terms have been accepted for this six week trial.

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