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OS VectorMap products

OS VectorMap products are designed as a backdrop map for GIS, websites mobile applications and print. They let patterns in your data and points on the map stand out.

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OS VectorMap products are available in both vector and raster (static image) formats. They work very well with other mapping data to give you a consistent experience from national to street level. You can style the vector data versions yourself or use stylesheets we make freely available.

The raster formats are available in colour or black and white versions, so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

In the office, OS VectorMap products bring your location data analysis to life. Included in websites and mobile apps, their clarity helps your users easily find their way and discover locations of interest.

OS VectorMap District

OS VectorMap District

OS VectorMap District works best at a scale of about 1:25 000. This shows groups of buildings as general outlines, along with roads, railways and watercourses. Important buildings such as schools, hospitals and airports are now also identified as points on your vector map.

This product is included in OS OpenData, so you can download it free and use it commercially.

OS VectorMap Local

OS VectorMap Local is more detailed. At its ideal scale of about 1:10,000, you’ll see the shapes of individual houses, the line of garden fences and more detailed outlines of larger buildings.

OS VectorMap Local

It gives you clear, street-level maps on which you can display information such as planning proposals or the location of local amenities. This makes it ideal for GIS analysis, your website and printing for public consultations. You can also translate the vector data into industry-standard Shape and Tab file formats using the translator we've released on GitHub.

If you're in the public sector, your organisation can use it at no extra charge thanks to our mapping agreements.

How the products compare

OS VectorMap LocalOS VectorMap District
PriceFree to public sector. £28.34/5 km2 tile when licensed from us (volume discounts available)
UpdatedQuarterlyTwice a year
ScaleStreet level (1:3,000 to 1:20,000)District level (1:15,000 to 1:30,000)
Important buildingsyynn
Vegetation symbolsyynn
Property boundariesyynn
Detailed building outlinesyynn
Contour detail (rural and urban areas)yynn
Urban area extentsynnn
Backdrop style y y
Full colour styleyy
Black and white styleyn

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Meet the family

A detailed, street-level, backdrop map that you can customise, OS VectorMap Local is ideal when you need a map tailored to your project or web applications.

Ideal for creating web applications, OS VectorMap District contains only the most important information, giving you a clear, uncluttered backdrop map.

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