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Central government

Everything happens somewhere

Extreme weather. The terrorism threat level raised by MI5 to Severe. HS2. What links them all is geography.

Thanks to the PSMA (and OSMA in Scotland), you have access to highly detailed map and address datasets that help you to make contingency plans and respond to major flooding and civil emergencies. They enable you, for example, to make transport policy at the national level and zoom right in to street level to understand the environmental impact of proposed new rail and road schemes.

ResilienceDirect, a new, secure online platform underpinned by OS location data, enables UK emergency responders to share information more effectively.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy intends to reduce the number of premises used by BIS from around 200 to between 50 and 70. Geographic information supplied through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement has played an important role in the programme’s success to date.

Ordnance Survey data is providing Transport Scotland with the best possible detail as it oversees construction of the Forth Replacement Crossing, due for completion in 2016.

The Boundary Commission for Scotland is currently conducting its sixth review of UK Parliament constituencies and has introduced a new service that enables people to participate online. Interactive maps are a key component.


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