Software for mapping

There's a wide choice of software and solutions on the market. Here a selection of some of the most popular – but you must choose the one that's right for you.

Some of the key steps in working with Ordnance Survey digital mapping products are planning how you will:

  • store your data and the mapping data you get under your agreement.
  • load and view the data on your computer or within a wider IT network.
  • process the data to visualise your information and make sound decisions.

If you are new to working with geographic data, our getting started page sets out issues to consider before you get a geographic information system (GIS).

Here’s a number of GIS software and service providers. They and other companies in the market can help you with different activities.

Simplicity and ease of use

The following providers offer a simple GIS service to help you get started.

Parish Online
If you're a small public sector organisation requiring access to maps and aerial photography, Parish Online can help.

Pear Technology
Pear Technology provides interactive mapping software designed for non-IT specialists. The full range of Pear GIS products is backed up with a full map preparation service and technical support.

OpusMap lets you create personalised, custom maps, styled to suit your project, website or brand.

Low cost solutions

The following solutions help you minimise your costs:

Quantum GIS (QGIS)
QGIS is an open-source GIS that helps you visualise, manage, edit, analyse data, and compose printable maps.

OS OpenSpace
Our mapping API lets you embed OS mapping in your website – no download and management of data needed.

Easy to use, low cost software and digital maps for desktop and mobile devices. Plan routes, print maps, or navigate and record using OS maps.

Advanced requirements

If you and your organisation have a good understanding of GIS and its potential, look at the following providers.

Europa Technologies
Europa works with public sector clients to simplify access to data covered by mapping agreements.

Basemap offers a wide range of products and consultancy services. Their aim is to provide the best solutions for different organisations in both the public and private sectors.

thinkWhere offer a broad range of GIS services covering the entire GIS lifecycle, from hosted services and consultancy through to training and support.

MapMechanics provide map-based analysis software and services including GIS, digital mapping, sales and marketing applications, and logistics planning solutions such as territory optimisation or routing and scheduling.

Large-scale deployments

MapInfo® Pro, from Pitney Bowes, is a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application. It helps you visualise the relationships between data and geography.

Esri ArcGIS
ArcGIS is a comprehensive system for designing and managing GIS solutions. It gives you deeper insights, so you can make better business decisions.

Snowflake Software
Snowflake offer data exchange solutions via open standards for geospatial customers. Their products (GO Loader and GO Publisher) let you load, publish, visualise and share geospatial data.

Cadcorp is a UK-based developer and supplier of GIS and web mapping software. Their cost-effective solutions help public sectors organisations get the most from geographic information.

Managing contractors

Use GI to manage work with third parties.

If you need to licence and manage multiple contractors, Emapsite’s ContractorLink service can help. Emapsite,  an OS partner, manages and distributes mapping data.

Mapping agreements
Find our more about the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) or the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA).

Online videos, product guides and licensing guidance.
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