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Ambulance services

Time is of the essence

When life is at stake, your crews need to know the quickest, least congested route to the patient, and from there to the nearest hospital with appropriate facilities.

Thanks to definitive digital map products available through the PSMA (and OSMA in Scotland), command and control teams can pinpoint the caller’s position while on the phone, even in open countryside. Then, using applications underpinned by our routing data, they can track the ambulance's location on the road and keep the caller updated as necessary.

At a more strategic level, when you and your colleagues link your datasets to the unique identifier given to every geographic feature in ours, sharing information becomes easier – within and between organisations. This makes your civil contingency and disaster planning better integrated and more effective.

Up-to-date and accurate mapping ensures that North East Ambulance Service responds to emergency calls effectively and maintains a high level of service.

A secure, scalable, and resilient address look up web service, OS Places gives you instant access to AddressBase Premium data via the cloud.


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