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Fire services

Data driven emergency response

Every second counts when responding to an emergency callout, so you need to be able to pinpoint the exact location of every incident while the caller is still on the line. Whether it's in town or open country, with digital mapping tools at their fingertips, command and control officers can do so within a few mouse clicks.

Thanks to our road network information, your crews can identify the best route, taking into consideration road restrictions and known congestion blackspots. As part of your contingency planning, you can also use it to identify the best routes to major public sites or high risk locations and access restrictions in their vicinity.

By linking your datasets to the unique identifier given to every geographic feature in ours, you can share your asset records more easily with third parties. For example, the local water company ought to know the location of fire hydrants when planning maintenance that might disrupt water supplies. And patterns of crime, fire occurrence and other incidents shared by the police and other fire services help to inform your resource planning and incident prediction.

By sharing accurate and comprehensive address information across back-office systems, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) focuses resources on specific areas of need.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, the first public sector customer to use OS OnDemand, is using it to plan service delivery and to analyse and report more accurately and efficiently.

With average high risk property loss rates during fires of up to £4,200 per minute, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) used mapping from Ordnance Survey.

In 2005, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service became one of the first in the country to deploy OS MasterMap® Topography Layer to every one of its appliances.


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