One Scotland Mapping Agreement


OSMA One Scotland Mapping Agreement (PDF)
This is the 2013 framework agreement between Scottish Government and Ordnance Survey concerning the provision of mapping data to the public sector in Scotland. The agreement runs until 2023.

OSMA Member Licence (PDF)
This sets out what you can and can't do with data licensed via the OSMA.

We hope you will find the following guidance useful.

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How can OS products be used under the OSMA?

The OSMA Member Licence lets you use OS digital mapping for your 'core business' of providing public sector services. This can include:

  • Creating and monitoring policy
  • Operational management of government
  • Delivering government business and public services
  • Making information available to the public
  • Performing any other function required by statute
  • Passing sharing or derived information and/or data to third parties (see below)
Can I share data with contractors?

Yes – and both formal and informal contractor arrangements are catered for.

Note: The extent of use enabled by your Member Licence also applies to your Contractor, so they need to be made aware of the terms of your licence.

For more information visit our public sector data sharing licensing guidance.

Can I share data with third parties?

Yes – members can share Licensed Data with other members, other OS licensees and, providing the appropriate licences are in place, OS data can be shared with other third parties.

For more information visit our public sector data sharing licensing guidance.

Note: Where Royal Mail PAF data is being used, additional licences may still be required.

Please note that the OSMA Member Licence does not apply to OS OpenData products.

Where can I find more information?

For further information about: