Your guide to the PSMA and OSMA

Get the most out of your mapping agreement

Find out what happens when you join an Ordnance Survey public sector mapping agreement including member benefits, how to use OS data and the support you'll get from OS.

Get the most out of your mapping agreement

Your guide to the PSMA and OSMA

What happens after you've applied to join the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) or the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA)?

We'll process your details and send you confirmation along with a login to your own member account.
Here's all the information you need to know, to get the most out of your Ordnance Survey mapping agreement.

What do I get as a member?

Feature 1

Exclusive member benefits

You'll get access to our public sector online portal where everything you need is in one place and you can:

- Use your administrator permissions to manage account users.
- Order OS data and try our sample data.
- Access exclusive information about OS products, plans and events.
- Tell us about any errors or omissions you notice in our data - we want to hear your feedback.
- Communicate with more than 4,000 members in our public sector community.
- Find support by watching webinars, reading FAQs and contacting our public sector team.

Feature 1

Access more than 20 OS products

In Great Britain, the PSMA and OSMA pay for public sector organisations to use most OS datasets.

See PSMA products

See OSMA products

You can use these alongside our free OpenData products.

What can I do with OS data?

Help communities across GB

See how other PSMA/OSMA members are using OS data:

PSMA case studies

OSMA case studies

Make better decisions with a GIS

OS data is great, especially when combined with your own data using a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Here are some software providers that can help you manage and analyse your mapping data.

How to use OS data - get started

Work with an OS Partner

OS Partners can support your GIS needs and provide a tailored solution to help you get the most out of OS data.

Find out about OS Partners

What support will I get?

Connect with other members

Join other PSMA or OSMA members on our public sector forums.

Stay up to date with the latest news and events information.

Quick guide to licensing OS data

Here's a summary of what you can and can't do with OS data as a member of the PSMA or OSMA.

Public sector licensing guide

Contact us

We're here to help. Talk to us if you have any questions:

PSMA: 03453 757595

OSMA: 03454 580650