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Mapping agreement products

The PSMA and OSMA agreements give you access to a range of premium OS mapping products. You can order others under our standard commercial terms.

When your organisation joins a mapping agreement, you get access to OS MasterMap Topography Layer, AddressBase and more.

The table below shows the products you can order under your agreement.

To order a product that's outside your agreement, please request a quote at the links below.

OS premium products Free under the PSMA? Free under the OSMA? What to do next
OS MasterMap Topography LayerYYOrder now
OS MasterMap Imagery LayerNNGet a quote
OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network LayerYYOrder now
OS MasterMap (ITN) Urban Paths ThemeYYOrder now
OS MasterMap Water NetworkNYOrder now (OSMA)
Get a quote (PSMA)
AddressBase | AddressBase Plus | AddressBase PremiumYYOrder now
Code-Point | Code-Point with polygonsYYOrder now
OS VectorMap LocalYYOrder now
OS Terrain 5NNGet a quote
Points of InterestNNGet a quote
1:25 000 Scale Colour RasterYYOrder now
1:50 000 Scale Colour RasterYYOrder now

You can also use OS OpenData products in virtually any way you wish, thanks to the Open Government Licence.

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The Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) provides digital maps for almost all public sector organisations in England and Wales - find out more about the benefits of membership.

Find our about digital map products that help Scottish public sector organisations, through membership of the One Scotland Mapping Agreement.

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