Public Sector Mapping Agreement

The Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) is a collective agreement between OS and the government. Its licence lets public sector organisations in England and Wales access and share OS digital mapping.

What are the benefits?

You save on administration. Your organisation needs to sign up to the PSMA Licence just once. Then you don't need a separate licence for each product you use.

You get access to a range of high quality OS digital mapping products. Using our data can help save lives by showing emergency services the best routes to incidents. It enables managers make better informed decisions. And it lets customer service teams work smarter.

You can share data with other organisations that belong to the PSMA. Pooling intelligence helps police forces tackle crime together. Partnerships between local councils, schools and the NHS are key to tackling issues like childhood obesity and teenage pregnancies.

You can also share data with contractors such as waste service providers. All you need to ask them to do is sign one of the PSMA Contractor Licences.

You get access to colleagues in the PSMA community. Start exploring common areas of interest and share information with colleagues in similar organisations.

You can get support from our dedicated helpdesk. Our friendly customer service staff are just a call or email away.

You can give several people in your organisation access to order and download OS data, while being able to control what each person can do.

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Who can join?

Nearly every public sector organisation in England and Wales is eligible.
Central government
  • A body operating under the directions of an Officer of the House of Commons and reporting directly to Parliament.
  • Ministerial departments
  • Non-ministerial departments
  • Executive agencies
  • National or regional administration
  • Non-departmental public bodies (executive and advisory)
  • Welsh Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies
  • Tribunals
  • Public corporations listed in the Cabinet Office's ‘Public Bodies Database’

Here's the contractual definition.

Local government
  • English county councils
  • English and Welsh unitary authorities
  • English metropolitan councils
  • English borough and district councils
  • Greater London Authority
  • London boroughs
  • English and Welsh National Park authorities
  • English and Welsh areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) conservation boards
  • Passenger transport executives

Here's the contractual definition.

Town, parish and community councils
  • Town councils
  • English community and parish councils
  • Welsh community councils

Here's the contractual definition.

  • Department of Health
  • NHS England
  • Public Health England
  • The NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • NHS Trusts & NHS Foundation Trusts
  • All Local Authorities
  • NHS Shared Services (if they are a statutory NHS body)

Note: Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) cannont join the PSMA in their own right. But they can support CCGs with mapping through the PSMA contractor licence. Where a CSU provides mapping services to multiple CCGs, they could benefit from one of the other contractor licences available from Ordnance Survey.

Here's the contractual definition.

Emergency services (including search and rescue)
  • Ambulance Services
  • Fire Services
  • Police Services
  • HM Coastguard (Maritime and Coastguard Agency)

Note: Contributing members of UK Search and Rescue can become members. Other search and rescue organisations can receive data either informally or under a contractual relationship with a PSMA member, and may not be eligible to join in their own right. Learn more

Here's the contractual definition.

Does my organisation already belong?

To check, please search by place name, postcode or organisation on our locate my nearest member map.

Alternatively, download our list of PSMA member organisations (XLS format or CSV format), last updated 7 February 2017.

In Excel or equivalent, speed up your search using the Find in file tool (Ctrl + F5).

If your organisation is listed, please talk to your PSMA Principal Contact about your data needs. If you don't know who this is, contact us and we'll pass on your details.

If your organisation isn't listed, sign up today.