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Carol Hrynkiewicz, Chair of PURG and Central Government representative

Carol HrynkiewiczCarol Hrynkiewicz

As the Data Services and GI Licensing Manager at Defra, I am responsible for the spatial repository (SPIRE), which supports GI users within Defra and some of her agencies. I am a qualified cartographer with over 12 years working experience of using GIS and managing spatial information including OS products.

I am the principal PSMA contact for Defra, and currently Chair of the PSMA User Representatives Group. I am also chair of the events working group.

During my time as a member of the PGA user group I was actively involved in the procurement of the PGA2; inputting member requirements into the technical specifications, product requirement gathering and a member of the technical evaluation team, to ensure that the final products procured met member data requirements. More recently I have led on the procurement of the PGA replacement aerial photography contract for 10 government bodies. Using this experience in the coming years to ensure that the PSMA delivers new products and services that meet all our business needs and ensure the existing products continue to develop as effectively as possible.

Jamie Clark, Head of PSMA Secretariat, BEIS

Jamie ClarkJamie Clark

Having first encountered GIS at university, I was hooked on it. Following completion of my Masters, I joined Derby City Council as a housing GIS Officer before moving on to join OS’s Pre and Post Sales Support team. I had a very enjoyable six plus years in PPSS with each day presenting a new challenge. I worked closely with public sector and commercial users to help them to maximise the value that they could get from their chosen GI software and the OS data.

In 2012 I took on a role at BEIS with the PSMA Secretariat to support both the GI Customer Group and the PSMA User Representatives Group as well as representing the public sector's interests in discussions with OS and Royal Mail. I am a map geek through and through and I am quite pleased that the geographer cliché of leather elbow patches have come back into fashion.

Paul Riches, PSMA Liaison Manager, BEIS

Paul RichesPaul Riches

I recently joined the team at BEIS where I have a split role overseeing elements of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and the Public Weather Service (PWS) with the Met Office. My main role is to provide secretariat support for the Geographic Information Customer Group (GICG) and PSMA Users Representation Group as well as policy advice relating to BEIS and the management of the PSMA contract. I have been in the Civil Service for over 10 years working in a range of policy areas from sustainable development, fisheries trade regulation and most recently advising on food composition and standards at Defra.

Dave Roberts, Central Government – Wales

Dave RobertsDave Roberts

Geography & Technology Operations Manager, Welsh Government

I started working in digital mapping and GIS industry shortly after graduation in the mid 1990s. During this time I have worked in the private and public sector including three years working overseas.

I joined the Welsh Government via the Welsh Development Agency (WDA). More specifically I made the leap from the WDA Land Division just prior to the Welsh Assembly Government – WDA merger in 2006. Since then I have managed the day-to-day running of the Geography & Technology team, which includes GIS analysts, Graphics Mapping specialists, Application Developers and an Aerial Photography Unit. The Geography & Technology team is a central resource offering specialist advice and services to the rest of the Welsh Government.

Chris Mundy, Central Government

Chris MundyChris Mundy

Ministry of Defence UK & Ireland Collection

I have been a Geospatial Analyst at the Defence Geographic Centre (DGC) since 1987 and have worked in a variety of posts during that time. I initially trained as a Mapping & Charting Officer utilising traditional cartographic techniques to produce air charts and topographic maps before transitioning to digital cartography in the early 1990s, originally using Intergraph software then moving to ArcGIS. For the past six years I have worked in the Operations Room acting as the “Intelligent Geo Customer” for DGC, translating customer requirements into understandable geographic taskings and championing those tasks through to successful delivery. I now work as a Collections Officer, having sole responsibility for collection data over the UK & Ireland to support UK Defence geospatial requirements. Large amounts of this data are provided by the PSMA. I am the MOD PSMA Principal Contact, managing membership of the agreement for all MOD users and maintaining the central repository of this data for Defence use.

Graham Townsend, Local Government – North of England

Graham TownsendGraham Townsend

Corporate Information Systems Manager, North Yorkshire County Council

I have worked for over 25 years in the public sector, all of which with North Yorkshire County Council. In the roles I have carried out I have been working with geographic information and related systems since about 1993. I have had direct involvement with the MSA/ PSMA since about 1996 and for the last eight years I have managed a small dedicated central team committed to the deployment, management and promotion of GI across the authority.

I have always welcomed the access to the products offered through the agreements and I’ve worked with many different organisations to ensure GI is used effectively and at a high standard.

Much of this would not have been possible without digital mapping data. Recent developments in the PSMA have made this a whole lot better.

Martina Doolan, Emergency Services – Fire

Martina DoolanMartina Doolan

Data Management Officer, West Midlands Fire Service

I am the Data Management Officer at West Midlands Fire Service and have been the nominated representative of my organisation for all matters related to the PSMA and its predecessors for 17 years.

I have seen the relationship between the public sector and OS and its partners positively evolve over time to become a more collaborative, inclusive arrangement than could ever have been envisaged a decade ago.

I have represented both my organisation and regional partners at a national level in data matters during the national fire control project and my organisation was one of the first to go live with a mobilising gazetteer based on the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG). We are now looking to migrate this to AddressBase Premium. Some of the innovative initiatives using OS products that have been created in West Midlands Fire Service have led to industry awards such as the Ordnance Survey Emergency Services GIS award in 2008.

My knowledge and experience of using data in a busy control room will be a valuable strength in understanding end users’ requirements.

Matt Bull, Health

Matt BullMatt Bull

Public Health England

I’m a geographer and GIS specialist with over six years’ experience in the health sector, having joined the former Health Protection Agency (HPA) in 2008 and now working as ‘Head of GIS’ at Public Health England (PHE). Within my own organisation I have been heavily involved in the promotion of the PSMA and I’m a keen advocate of the enhancements and efficiencies that can be realised by utilising geography within our business processes. There’s huge scope for GI to be better utilised across the health landscape and the PSMA is fundamental to that. It can help enable change, delivering improvements and efficiencies in the way we do business, and ultimately assist us to better protect and improve the health and wellbeing of our population.

I regard the establishment of the PSMA as a massive achievement for the public sector, but we shouldn’t stop there – through discussion with OS and the wider PSMA community it can be built upon, improved and better utilised.

Paul Baden, Central Government

Paul BadenPaul Baden

Geographic Intelligence Manager, Department for Transport

I am the geographic intelligence manager for the Department for Transport. I use PSMA data and industry data to support DfT’s policies, and projects.

I have been an active user of geographic information and spatial analysis within central government (DfT and Ministry of Defence) for over 25 years. This has given me a great appreciation of the practical issues around using data: identifying the best datasets, understanding how quality will affect the outputs, and how to best present findings.

I use GIS systems (ArcGIS, MapInfo and Quantum) to provide geospatial analysis, spatial statistics (congestion, traffic and road accidents), network management, map research, photo interpretation, and producing maps to communicate DfT policies to the public.

I have been working closely with OS to investigate how transport’s data requirements can be met through the PSMA products.

I am also on the working group that developed the OS licensing tool to unravel the complexities of licencing and data exchange for PSMA community.

Peter Silvester, Local Government, London and South England

Peter SilvesterPeter Silvester

East Hampshire District Council

I am an extremely experienced GI and data professional with over 20 years’ experience in a senior GIS management role. I feel that I can offer the user group a vision of shared and partnership working across the region. Many LAs and PSMA members will be feeling the pinch of every reducing resource. By pooling our shared knowledge we will be able to make those changes.

The PSMA gives us that ability and will allow members to break down traditional working boundaries. I have been heavily involved in cross organisation GI provision from joint web GI provision to full GI delivery from one LA to another.

Over the past three years as regional rep, I have been involved with various county groups and parishes advising on making the best use of PSMA data.

Vince Weldon, Ambulance Services

Vince WeldonVince Weldon

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

I have been involved in mapping issues for almost 20 years, initially in Local Government, but since 2007 as IM&T lead for the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

The Ambulance Services mapping requirements are very challenging, whether for general purposes within our NHS 111 call centres providing advice to patients looking for the most convenient treatment location, including directions of travel, or getting precise information in respect of best ingress points for emergency response clinicians working against the clock to save lives needing pin point accuracy to find the best doorway into shopping malls or stadia.

All ambulance services cover widely dispersed geographic areas, which bring their own unique, yet common, opportunities. We work with a range of third-party providers to squeeze maximum efficiencies from our mapping software – both in the control rooms and in mobile locations on the way to, and during patient treatments. Through membership of both the PURG and the national Ambulance IM&T Directors Group I would be well placed to ensure that new developments and best practice information are dispersed to all members, and we would also have direct access to the Ambulance Chief Executives group AACE.

Andy Elliott, Local Government, South West

Andy ElliotAndy Elliot

Dorset County Council

Andy Elliott is currently the GIS Manager for Dorset County Council. He has been working in Local Government for a little over 30 years, initially as a Countryside Ranger, but within GIS since 2001. He also has a career of more than 30 years with Dorset Fire and Rescue Service and is currently a Station Commander on the Retained Duty System.

Over the years he has worked closely with many suppliers in the GIS industry to ensure that products and applications are fit for purpose. He manages a spatial development team of five posts and they use largely Open Source software to develop their own GIS applications and solutions. They utilise the full range of PSMA products plus other open source and commissioned data sets. He also manages GeoWessex, a data sharing partnership that includes many of the local authorities in Dorset, plus organisations such as Dorset Police, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, The Environment Agency, Natural England and local Wildlife Trusts etc.

Andy has experience of working with national groups and central government committees He would welcome the opportunity to represent Local Government users within the South West of England on the PSMA User Representative Group.

Emma Bee, Central Government

Emma BeeEmma Bee

British Geological Survey

I’m a senior spatial data analyst at the British Geological Survey with over 14 years’ experience of working with a wide range of GIS applications and database systems. I’ve worked with a wide variety of data sources and have led a number of BGS projects within both product development and BGS’ thematic science areas, including utilising spatial data to provide evidence for policy and decision makers in both central and local government.

I currently manage BGS’ data relationship with the Ordnance Survey and so have extensive knowledge of the PSMA and how BGS utilise OS data. In 2013, I was elected for a 3-year term to the Association of Geographic Information (AGI) Council after several year’s Chairing the AGI’s Environment Special Interest Group.

BGS is a wide and varied organisation that consumes many datasets within the PSMA. We depend on the data for generation of complex 3D and 4D models, to support and underpin an increasing number of web and mobile information services, including Smartphone apps, but also require the data for compilation of our traditional geological maps and the associated land survey that precedes it.

PSMA data is critical in underpinning what we do, and I want to ensure that it continues to deliver what we, and other public sector bodies, need.

Judith Cauldwell, Local Government, East of England

Judith CauldwellJudith Cauldwell

Broxtowe Borough Council

 Nearly eleven years ago I applied for a job as a GIS Technician for Broxtowe Borough Council in Nottinghamshire as a ‘stop-gap’. I certainly stopped, discovering that the challenges and variety of GIS suited my temperament.

Over the last seven years as an unassisted GIS Officer, I have used the skills of a data owner, data manager, database administrator, cartographer, web GIS manager, analyst and programmer. I have proactively sought out and investigated new opportunities and new methods, engaging new users across the council. There is now a well-recognised geek inside me which gets let out on occasion but is always there to provide support, advice and solutions.

Last year I instigated a county wide GIS User Group as a forum for discussion in Nottinghamshire, helping us all to exchange knowledge and ideas.

If I have learnt anything from the last ten years in GIS it is the advantage of consistency, simplicity and working together rather than in isolation.

We can all proactively help influence the direction of the PSMA through the User Representative

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