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We've updated our border

Accurate location data is essential for many public sector and business, Ordnance Survey has over 250 surveyors who capture some of the thousands of changes taking place every day and adding them to our mastermap of Great Britain.

We use highly sensitive Leica GPS units to pinpoint the position of new features or check the position of existing data on the maps. The accuracy of GPS units mean that sometimes we find variances as a result of natural and gradual river movements. These variances are particularly important for the rivers that identify the boundary between Scotland and England.

Where the boundary is aligned to the centre of a river and the river channel has moved as a result of natural and gradual change, Ordnance Survey has captured and incorporated this change to the boundary in the mastermap data of Great Britain, but where the river has been altered by man-made inventions the border remains in the same position.

Any questions about the border alignment between Scotland and England are being handled by Ronan McGarry, OS Relationship Manager.

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