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New highways digital map products to be added to PSMA portfolio


Robert Goodwill MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, today has announced that the Department for Transport (DfT) will be working in partnership with Ordnance Survey, GeoPlace, Local Government Association and other key stakeholders on a project to develop a new suite of highways digital map products for England and Wales.

At the moment, when different parts of Government want to work together on road projects or funding they often have to expend time and money on exchanging, and comparing different views of the same network. The new suite of highways products seek to combine intelligence from OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Layer (ITN), the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) and other information held by government to create a common authoritative view of the road network.

Following discussions with the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills, DfT and OS are delighted to be able to confirm that the highways products that are generated through this project will be made available through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement to all public sector bodies free at the point of use. Ordnance Survey, working with street map data experts GeoPlace, plan to deliver the initial product to the DfT and public sector before the end of March 2015.

"From a PSMA point of view the inclusion of this data within the agreement is fantastic. It offers considerable benefit for all organisations that interact with highways in any way be that planning, asset management, maintenance or routing. " Jamie Clark, PSMA Secretariat

The PSMA User Representatives Group (PURG) continues to work with OS and BIS to ensure that the PSMA meets the emerging needs of the community and that the PSMA changes to meet those needs. This is an example of how feedback from the community can change the way we work (So please fill in your questionnaires and keep your PURG reps informed of what you need).

"I am delighted that this project is going to be taken forward. This project will give us the opportunity to bring together the best bits of ITN and NSG together along with other intelligence to create a single source for highways information that benefits all levels of government", Paul Baden PURG rep for Central Government.

The highways products will follow the successful model used in the creation of AddressBase. GeoPlace will be contacting NSG custodians shortly to provide more detailed information on what this means for them. In the longer term the intention would be to migrate members to the new highways products and phase out the use of ITN. Timings for this migration have yet to be considered at this stage.

Further updates on how the project is progressing, as well as information about opportunities to get involved in the development of the dataset, will be provided in the coming months through the PSMA newsletter. There will also be a presentation on the new product at the PSMA annual conference in Central Hall Westminster on Tuesday 17 March 2015.

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