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Presumption to publish

March 2015 saw OS introducing a “presumption to publish” approach for datasets our public sector customers have derived from OS data. This is improving the existing exemptions process, by extending the streamlined notification process to enable customers to release more of their Derived Data under open terms.

We have also adopted the use of the Open Government Licence 3.0 (OGL 3.0) in relation to our OS OpenData™. Derived data that falls within this “presumption to publish” approach will need to be released on terms equivalent to our OS OpenData and it can now be released under the terms of the OGL 3.0

The principle of our new approach on the “presumption to publish” is that:

  • Members will be able to release any derived dataset they produce as part of their core business activity that does not substantially copy any of our Licensed data and is not a Commercial or Competing Activity.
  • Those datasets need to be released independently of the data used to create it and must be released on terms of the OGL 3.0 and published on data.gov.uk or Scottish Government's equivalent. Details as to what constitutes a “substantial copy” is available on our website.
  • Members are expected to notify us of the dataset(s) via a streamlined notification form prior to release.
  • OS can only enable this in relation to our intellectual property (IP). If the datasets include the IP of third parties, we strongly advise you obtain the necessary permission(s) from them.

In addition, to support of the local government transparency and government open data agendas, OS, GeoPlace and the Improvement Service will enable members to release Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) on a royalty free and open basis in certain circumstances. This will facilitate the release and sharing of public sector addressing databases. Find more details on our UPRN policy statement page.

In combination, the “presumption to publish” and the UPRN policy mean that we will permit the release of the OS x,y co-ordinates for members' public sector assets, together with the UPRN, such that members are able to release datasets required to meet the requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code.

We're sure you will welcome this new approach which supports a more open environment. We will continue to update members and provide supporting information as policy develops in the usual public sector licensing guidance area of our website.

In the meantime, if you have a specific query please contact either Customer Services or your Relationship Manager.

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Whilst we are required to license and protect the Crown’s intellectual property rights, we allow the royalty-free use and sub-licensing of Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) under certain circumstances.

OS, GeoPlace and the Improvement Service are enabling AddressBase internal business use customers to release UPRNs on a royalty free and open basis.

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