Withdrawal of CD as a delivery medium

From 1 May 2016, data will be supplied on DVD to all customers who receive data on physical media. This should make it easier and faster for you to transfer data.

You may have seen the recent item in our newsletter and, where our records showed that you may still receiving some Data products on CD, we may also have contacted you last December.

As a reminder, we are working on improving the online ordering service, providing you with the functionality for amending and deleting your product supply contracts; including the ability to change the supply method from physical media to download. When this becomes available, you might like to take that opportunity for reviewing some your other product holdings/repeat datasets orders.

In the meantime, as part of the preparations and due to customer feedback, we are about to withdraw the supply of CD physical media for all our customers.

Having agreed with BIS in accordance with Schedule 7 of the PSMA (Changes to Agreement), I am writing to let you know that with effect from 1 May 2016, we will no longer supply any data to you on CD. This means that, from this date, we will be changing any outstanding CD orders so that they will be fulfilled on DVD. This will also bring them into line with any other orders you have placed for supply on DVD.

Following our discussions with other organisations who are currently receiving data on CD, we hope that you will find this change beneficial to you. In many cases, the datasets will be supplied on fewer items of physical media, making it easier and faster to transfer data and reducing the amount of media you have to store.

Please note, the exception to the above are those OS OpenData products that BIS, has asked OS to stop maintaining after 31 March 2016. These products are OS Street View, Meridian 2 and Strategi. BIS informed PSMA members about this change in an email dated 26 November 2015 covering the Comprehensive Spending Review 2015. With these products, OS will be cancelling any remaining Data Contracts for them after their last supply.

Please note that, although there will be no further updates produced of these datasets, they will remain available as unmaintained datasets for the foreseeable future from the OS OpenData part of our website.

If you wish to discuss this please contact our PSMA Helpdesk (psma@os.uk) or +44(0)3453 757535.