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Public Sector Mapping Agreement

Update on Planning Application dataset Exemption requests

Many members make planning application data available to view on their websites. They can also share this data with other third parties under PSMA End User Licence terms.

Many members can, and already do, make planning application data available to view on their websites and they can also share this data with other third parties under the End User Licence terms, having followed the publication guidelines under the terms of the PSMA. We also have provisions within our commercial licences for use of this type of data beyond the sharing rights within your member licence.

In January this year exemption requests for planning application datasets were considered by our governance board and it was decided that all georeferenced planning applications beyond those categories already agreed (Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas) would not, for now, be allowed to be released under OGL terms.

We came to this conclusion, because granting these other types of planning application exemption status is likely to mean that these dataset(s), either on their own or aggregated with others, are potentially unfairly competing with, or substituting, addressing products supplied by OS and /or its Licensed Partners due to the number of residential locations within the dataset. The cumulative effect would be even more significant if other members were to make similar exemption requests. This doesn’t prevent you placing a full exemption request for your planning datasets, however we are keen to manage your expectations of our current position.

It should noted that planning datasets in a list format can become exempt, provided that they do not include any geocoding (either x,y or lat/long) in your derived data, although you may include the appropriate AddressBase UPRNs where it meets our AddressBase UPRN policy (see here for more information).

We would like to provide some reassurance that we are continuing to investigate options to further extend the existing provisions for releasing planning data, however it is unlikely to allow the expression of residential planning applications as a georeferenced dataset for the foreseeable future. We like to consider the full requirements of our customers use of the data in the terms that we create, while ensuring that it remains a viable position for us to adopt. We welcome any input into improving our processes and customer insight.

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