OS MasterMap Highways Network is driving towards more content

We're adding more features to make it easier to access the data.

OS MasterMap Highways Network has received some very positive feedback since officially launching in October 2016.  We have seen a steady increase in the number of users taking Highways for evaluation, and are now seeing interest in customers taking this under commercial contracts.  This is an exciting time for OS.  With all this interest, we have decided to make it easier to access the data.

On 2 May, after you have all enjoyed a long weekend, we will be putting OS MasterMap Highways into the OS Orders online service.  This will make it easier for you to get your orders through the regular service and manage this as part of your normal data orders.  This has been a long time coming and we am pleased it will make ordering data easier. 

We are adding a Change Only Update (COU) order option.  This lets you understand where the network is changing, and update your systems quicker.  We suggest you baseline your holdings in May and take the COU data in June.

As if this wasn't enough, we are also introducing two new product features: a heighted, 3D network; and road width.  These new attributes take us towards new realms of data analysis.  Firstly, a heighted network lets you identify steep roads, with total vertical gain attributes. You can either avoid steep hills if you are directing abnormal loads, or direct people towards them if you are organising cycling events and you want to add a little twist.  We see many uses for this data, such as identifying low-lying roads at risk of adverse weather conditions or flooding.

Road width tells us the minimum width of a road.  Many don't have a minimum width restriction but are inadvisable for some vehicles.  With this attribute, we can better understand where to place advisory information, rather than leaving it to chance and having to deal with the consequences.

Finally, at the PSMA conference we announced our withdrawal plans for the Integrated Transport Network (ITN) product, as of April 2019.  This means the last copy of ITN will be released in March 2019.  This means it is important that we start to evaluate and build our business cases this year ready to migrate over to Highways in 2018.  For support and information on this please speak to your OS representative to find out more about how you can start to migrate across.

So there are some exciting new changes coming in May. For further updates, visit the Highways Network product page.