Let’s talk about licensing

Here are the top 3 licensing questions we have received that relate to your obligations as a member. Which licence should I use? Do I need to acknowledge OS? And can I publish OS mapping data?

For example:

  • If you are paying a contractor to assist with some of your services, they will be subject to the same terms as you. So, to help protect you, we have the Contractor Licence containing all the relevant terms; see the Working with contractors section.
  • If you are publishing your derived data solely to meet your INSPIRE obligations, then you use the INSPIRE End User Licence. Please note, the INSPIRE regulations may not apply to all of your derived data. You can still make your data available, instead you use the End User Licence.
  • If you are publishing information on your website, in addition to protecting the data from unauthorised use, you need to ensure you have added the public sector viewing terms.  Note: if you are including material from a third party (for example, another member) they must have given their permission for you to do so.       

We would also like to remind you that, as part of our obligations to manage our licences, we make periodic checks to see if the Member Licence terms are being observed. As a result of these checks, we may get in contact with you to discuss particular points or concerns.

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