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PSMA User Representatives Group

In February the PSMA User Representatives Group ran elections to allow the community to decide who the community would like to represent them.

The membership of PURG is done on a three year cycle with a third of the group changing in each year to provide consistency. It was felt that it was important at the outset of the agreement to give the group an opportunity to bed in and create a solid foundation on which future work could be built, and therefore did not hold an election in the first year, so these elections covered both year one and year two.

Nominations were invited from the relevant sections of the community that were up for election, and subsequent elections held. The elections closed on 21 February and the PURG is pleased to welcome some new faces, as well as some members returning for a second term. The PURG for 2014/15 is as follows:




Steve Campbell

Poole Borough Council

Local Government (south west)

Riley Marsden

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Local Government (north)

Denis Payne

Cambridgeshire County Council

Local Government (east)

Paul Shapley

Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council

Local Government (Wales)

Peter Silvester

East Hampshire District Council

Local Government (south east)

Chris Daborn

Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies


Martina Doolan

West Midlands Fire and Rescue


Jason Weall

Welsh Ambulance Service


Paul Baden

Depart For Transport

Central Government

David Gander

English Heritage

Central Government

Carol Hrynkiewicz


Central Government

Gee-Mei Redgewell

Office of National Statistics

Central Government

David Roberts

Welsh Government

Central Government

Geraldine Wildman

British Geological Survey

Central Government

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