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OS OpenData

OS OpenData™ offers a wide range of digital map products which you can freely view or download, for use in both personal and commercial applications.


  • Small scale - national

Data use

  • Backdrop
  • Address and location
  • Land and height
  • Roads and logistics

Data format

  • Raster
  • Vector

There are over 10 quality assured, continuously updated products, from postcodes and boundaries to digital maps, providing a one-stop shop to start using our products.

OS OpenData can be used with other open datasets available on data.gov.uk and from other sources to enhance your existing data or applications.

The OS OpenData products

Please click on a product name to find out more about the product or use the links in the table to view or order an individual product. Where an API (Application Programming Interface) is available, links are also shown. If the product is available as Linked Data, this is also indicated for you.

Share your ideas

Why not discuss your ideas or questions with other customers on the OS OpenData forum. If you are stuck for ideas why not check out a few applications that already make use of OS OpenData.

Product NameViewOrderAPILinked
OS Vectormap® District - overlay your own information on a customisable map background.ViewOrderAPI
OS Street View® - a generalised and simplified street level map, ideal for city-centre plans.ViewOrderAPI
1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer - find over 250,000 placenames and locate an area of interest. OrderAPILinked
1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster - the former OS Travel Map in an image format.View
Boundary-Line™ - find electorial and administrative boundary information.View
Code-Point® Open - all the current postcode units in Great Britain. OrderAPILinked
Meridian 2 - customisable for communication and topographical themes and route planning. Order
MiniScale® - a clear and uncluttered national map, ideal for publishing or sales territory planning.View
OS Locator™ - a searchable gazeteer of road names, useful for locating the location of emergency calls. Order
Strategi® - a regional overview of road networks, railway lines, cities and rural wooded areas. Order
OS Terrain 50® - add valuable height data to regional scale applications to improve analysis work. Order
Land-Form PANORAMA® - visualise ground areas for environmental analysis work. Order
The OS OpenData Licence

The OS OpenData licence allows you to use the OS OpenData datasets in any way and for any purpose. We simply ask that you acknowledge us with "Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyright and database right [year]". Download the Licence here (PDF).

Trialling other Ordnance Survey products

You can also use our commercial products to develop, test and demonstrate your applications for free through our Innovation Licences.

Useful links

OS OpenData products support

Find out how to get started using OS OpenData – our free to use digital map data. Learn how to work with raster and vector data formats.

Developers can use our free OS OpenData products to create innovative tools or applications to benefit a new initiative, Future Cities. It aims to address the future needs of our cities to help improve infrastructure and quality of life. Find out how to get involved.

Add a map to your site

If you are the owner of a public website or work with mobile applications and have been looking for a detailed map for your site, why not join our other OS OpenSpace developers community and get an API key to help you do more with your site.

Visit our OS OpenSpace API page to find out more

Viewing a product

To appreciate the benefits that an OS OpenData product can deliver, why not view some of our current datasets online to learn more and see what you can do with the aid of a digital map.

Please visit the OS OpenData viewer page to discover more.

Ordering a product

Accessing and downloading an OS OpenData products is a straightforward process, simply visit our download page and select the product you are interested in and following the directions on the page.

Please use the OpenData ordering page to download or order your product for delivery.

Link up to our programme

Ordnance Survey has published three OS Open Data products as Linked Data: the 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer, Code-Point Open and the administrative geography for Great Britain taken from Boundary Line.

A combined OS Linked Data dataset combines these products into one database to support more flexible data access.

Find out more about our Linked Data products here.

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