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Public Sector Licensing Guide

Please view the Public Sector Licensing Guide. The objective of this toolkit is to help:-

  • inform PSMA members (and others) about what the PSMA Member Licence allows them to do in support of their core business needs
  • provides users with information about any licensing requirements that members need to include when sharing data and making information more widely available; and
  • provides other common answers based on many of the licensing queries Ordnance Survey receives.

In Release 1.0 we have redesigned the home page layout (from the beta release) and included additional content driven by feedback received. We have also improved the language used across each topic area and added links to relevant content found on the Ordnance Survey website.

Although Release 1.0 is being released we will continue to monitor feedback and improve functionality. If you have any questions regarding this tool please contact publicsectorcommunications@ordnancesurvey.co.uk.

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