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Third PSMA variation brings new End User Licences

  • Third PSMA Variation brings new End User Licences

Ordnance Survey and Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills are delighted to announce that, as of 15 August 2013, the incorporation of the amendments within the third variation of PSMA Member Licence occured along with the associated introduction of two new End User Licences following feedback from members.

One of the highlights of the third variation is the creation of the two new End User Licences, one of which will make it easier for PSMA members to share data and meet their INSPIRE requirements. The new licences have been welcomed by the UK INSPIRE Project, GI Customer Group, and the PSMA User Representatives Group.

Andrew Newman, Defra, who leads engagement with public bodies on INSPIRE said:

“The new INSPIRE EUL will make it even easier for PSMA members to meet their INSPIRE obligations, by removing many of the constraints around publishing INSPIRE data that has been derived from PSMA products”

A full list of all amendments can be found here. The new versions of the PSMA Framework agreement, PSMA Members licence, and the new EULs can all be found on the PSMA licensing page.

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