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Important product withdrawal announcement

Please note: since this news article was published there has been a change to the terms for continuation of the supply of addressing data, as notified to you on 13 March 2014. Read about the changes to these terms.

The government remains committed to the need for a single, comprehensive and definitive address dataset that includes the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) through the use of the AddressBase® products.

Therefore, and as previously advised on 25 May 2012, the legacy addressing products (that is, ADDRESS-POINT®, OS MasterMap® Address Layer, OS MasterMap Address Layer 2 and the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) product) are all being withdrawn from the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) on 31 October 2014.

As part of the withdrawal programme of these legacy addressing datasets, as of 1 April 2014, PSMA members will not be able to:

  • submit any new orders for any of those products; or
  • expand the coverage area of existing contracts.

NOTE: PSMA members who already have change-only update contracts in place will continue to received their legacy addressing data until the last supply date prior to 31 October 2014.

PSMA members will be able to continue to use unmaintained Ordnance Survey legacy address products under some dataset specific terms. These are still being finalised with BIS and Royal Mail but will be similar to those allowed for 1:10 000 Scale Raster Data under the OS VectorMap® Local product migration. Any Royal Mail PAF licence fees will be subject to either the terms of the proposed PAF Public Sector Licence, or as per existing Royal Mail terms and conditions in appendix 3 of the PSMA Member licence.

AddressBase® Premium provides the most comprehensive view of the world of addresses and properties at all stages of a property and address lifecycle – from planning permission to historic addresses. A significant amount of improvements have been made to this product since its launch, so if you have not had a look recently, visit the AddressBase Premium web pages and its product support pages.

If you have any concerns about this announcement, please discuss with your Ordnance Survey Relationship Manager or contact the PSMA Helpdesk for further assistance.

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