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OS Places improves addressing in the public sector

Addressing tomorrow's data today

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Introduction to OS Places
Features of OS Places
The benefits to you
How to get started

OS Places is the new address match and cleanse API tool from us, Ordnance Survey.

It is a secure, scalable and resilient address lookup web service, hosted in the cloud. It connects your existing software to the most comprehensive address database in Great Britain – AddressBase Premium – available free at the point of use to all public sector organisations in England and Wales under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA).

You can use OS Places to quickly capture and verify addresses; find specific addresses from wherever you are located, and cleanse your already populated database to ensure there are no duplicate entries and your data is accurate.

Features of OS Places

  • Cloud-based resilient
  • Safe and secure encryption
  • Address data is updated every six weeks
  • It has over 39 million address records
  • It contains 11 million more records than Royal Mail PAF
  • API integrates with web and mobile applications
  • It contains Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) records

The benefits to you

A snapshot of AddressBase Premium mapping data

OS Places benefits from AddressBase Premium having the most comprehensive view of the world of addresses throughout the property lifecycle – from planning permission through to construction, occupation, change of use to demolition and beyond. You can be confident that you will have access to the very latest address data.

OS Places is available through the Local Authority Software Applications (LASA). It provides the ability for local authorities to allocate address, the UPRN and administrative area details.

In more detail, OS Places enables you to:

  • Address match and cleanse
  • Look up addresses in real time in customer facing operations
  • Understand where your assets are
  • Locate land and property with pinpoint accuracy
  • Add the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to your existing address holding
  • Create uniformity to all database entries

OS Places is easy to integrate with your web and front office systems and it's a scalable and resilient architecture offering 99.9% uptime and 24/7 cloud support.

The overall benefits to you are that OS Places:

  • Minimises business risk of data entry errors
  • Provides one organisational view of address information
  • Increases your address data quality
  • Reduces your operational expenditure on data management, storage and access
  • Reduces the cost of data upkeep; the cloud-hosted solution removes fixed and variable costs
  • Makes your organisation more productive and operationally efficient

Get started

For more information please visit our OS Places page.

You can also trial OS Places for free, choosing the best package for your needs:

Sign up for a free 60-day trial*

*No Postcode Address File (PAF) royalty fees

Act now

Get a free trial

– Get access to a 60-day free trial

– No Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) royalty fees

More about OS Places

OS Places

Increase front-line efficiency, reduce back-office costs and improve the quality of your customer data with our new address verification and cleansing tools.

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