Crowdfunding for a resilient future

Crowdfunding has had a big impact since its launch but to keep on top of the challenges facing emergency responders in the future we need to be able to respond to ongoing pressures.

As such there are four main areas that we are focusing on to develop further:

  • Information sharing
  • Increasing service adoption
  • Mapping
  • ResilienceDirect Hub

These areas will help us to achieve our vision of providing a platform and a suite of applications that foster multi-agency collaboration and enable shared situational analysis.

As part of the community, you have an opportunity to help shape and prioritise the roadmap of future development which we will continue to build once and share many times.

It’s important to note that the Cabinet Office continues to pay for the core service, including hosting, infrastructure and all running costs. It’s a significant amount at a time of large reductions in central funding.

For organisations looking to build or procure a service that can benefit us all, let’s come together, use the money collectively, and build an app that can be placed on the ResilienceDirect Hub for everyone to use.

If you can assist with any contribution, now how small, please contact Luana Avagliano, Head of ResilienceDirect – Collectively, it could be a significant sum and really make a difference to our community.