ResilienceDirect FAQ

Who is allowed access to ResilenceDirect?

ResilienceDirect is a private network which is available free of charge to both category 1 and 2 responders, as well as other partner organisations approved and sponsored by the Local Resilience Forum (LRF), who work in resilience in either planning, response or recovery.

How do I gain access to ResilienceDirect?

If you know the URL for the site then go to the homepage and click the link to 'register now'.

If you do not know the URL, please contact us and we shall send instructions on how to join the ResilienceDirect community. You will need to be approved by your organisation’s administrator.

Most organisations are already registered on ResilienceDirect. However if you are unsure, or don't know the URL then please contact the support desk via

How can I gain access to ResilienceDirect mapping?

Access to mapping is being administered by Local Resilience Forums/Partnerships. You should contact your administrator in the first instance, however if you are unsure, please contact the support desk via

Is ResilienceDirect a secure system?

Both the document store and mapping application have been accredited by CESG up to Official. This means that the services are accredited to handle information up to and including Official Sensitive.

What does it cost?

ResilienceDirect is free at the point of use. With no end user licencing; the key driver is to promote multi-agency working and, in order for this to work, people need to use it. Our business case is built on savings to the public purse.

I've heard a lot about crowd funding. What does this mean?

Before you make any commitments to buy or develop new software, why not think about whether or not it would be a good fit for ResilienceDirect?

The chances are other organisations would be interested, too. By sharing the cost and making it available in ResilienceDirect, it will promote multi-agency and cross-border operations.