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Smarter citizen insight

  • Enrich your information with detailed address data

    Maximise the potential of achieving citizen insight by using addressing data to improve citizen profiling, performance and service delivery.

By enriching your organisation’s information with detailed addressing data and geospatial analytics, you can understand the future requirements of your community.

Having Great Britain’s most accurate and up-to-date addressing data can help your organisation to work more smartly and save costs. Being able to understand your citizens more clearly is invaluable when policy planning or deciding the future provision of service delivery. A core address database has been created from a number of sources – including local government, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail® to produce one definitive source for spatial address products.

A major benefit of the new product range is that the information has been collected and verified at a local level, across the whole of Great Britain.

Our geospatial data goes further, allowing you to:

  • Cleanse your organisation's data by adding the geospatial element to see where and how the locations relate to each other.
  • Enrich your own organisation’s data with geospatial analysis to highlight trends and patterns.
  • Visualise your own organisation’s information with geospatial data to reveal new insights.

Contact us

Explore further how you can enrich your organisation's information with detailed addressing.

Contact: Andrew Cooling, Sector Manager, Public Sector

Email: andrew.cooling@ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Phone: (+44) 023­ 8005 5479

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AddressBase Premium is the most accurate geographic dataset of addresses, properties and land areas.

AddressBase Plus - current properties and addresses from local authorities, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail matched to the Unique Property Reference Number.

Case studies

Newport City Council is transforming the way it delivers its services to ensure the public needs are met, while adapting to the economic climate. As a result, the council has launched a range of campaigns to encourage and promote behavioural change and to deliver services direct to where they’re needed most – one of which is ‘Save time, go online’.

To ensure safety and security during the Olympics Games, the Metropolitan Police needed an easy and secure way to view and share maps and other information.

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