Town, parish and community councils

By joining a mapping agreement, you get access to mapping data and support that helps you deliver better local services.

Using mapping data helps you deliver the local services that make towns and villages great places to live. For example, it lets you identify and measure greens, cemeteries and verges that need mowing by a contractor.

With simple maps, you can set out Neighbourhood Plan options and explain your preferred solution to residents.

You have access, free at the point of use, to OS products that make this possible. They're in the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), which covers England and Wales, and the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA).

Useful resources

Your introduction to public sector mapping

Learn about the benefits of the Public Sector Mapping Agreements.

Mapping data for town, parish and community councils

Watch our overview of what you can do with mapping data, and some of the software tools available.

Software for mapping
There's a wide choice of products on the market. To help your research, these are a few of them.

Property boundaries
This might help if residents come to you with land ownership queries.

Sat nav and HGV issues
Find out why lorries are using unsuitable minor roads, and who to contact if you think sat nav mapping is wrong.

Case studies

Two villages, one council: delivering savings and best practice
Three miles north of Cambridge, Histon and Impington have grown together. Using OS data, their parish councils merged, saving money and resources.

Digital mapping empowers Ash Parish Council to take ownership of its asset
Ash Parish Council signed up for the PSMA uses our mapping data over the Web.

OS partner solution allows effective management of cemetery
Chesham Town Council identifies potential income of £12,000 by using Pear Technology’s cemetery management system.

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