Improving citizen mobility

The rates of urban growth are putting ever-greater pressure on the transport infrastructure of our cities.

Smart mobility

From helping to improving routing and scheduling in our cities to underpinning the planning for critical national infrastructure projects, OS can support the emerging smart mobility sector with its data insights and analysis.

Connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) feasibility study – Atlas

This feasibility study is examining the data and communications requirements that power autonomous navigation. It will recommend the critical building blocks required for the efficient operation of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV). It's being funded from the government’s £100m Intelligent Mobility fund, administered by CCAV and delivered by Innovate UK.


To research and develop data, communications, navigation and processing requirements that will underpin successful deployment of CAVs.



  • May 2016 – Project commenced
  • Sep 2016 – Data gathering
  • Dec 2016 – Data modelling
  • Mar 2017 – Requirement assessment
  • May 2017 – Final project outputs
> Defining the datasets required for autonomous operation.

> Examining the communication systems performance requirements in a range of operational scenarios.

> Contributing to the resilient and safe operation of connected and autonomous vehicles.

> Developing protocols for data transfer between vehicles.

> Improving the resilience of vehicle autonomy.

Project successes

Collaboration, knowledge sharing and thought leadership with industry partners.

Developing an extended ecosystem of partners, specialists, OEMs and others, who will help develop and deliver the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.

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