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Sales and marketing

Successful sales and marketing is all about identifying and fulfilling the desires and demands of your customers profitably, whether for cat food or life insurance. In many cases, national strategies are likely to be much less effective than segmenting your target audience by location – and this is where geographic information comes in.

You can use location data throughout the marketing cycle:

In developing your strategy, visualise historical sales, market and demographic data in a geographical context to understand your customers and their behaviour better. Maps on screen really can bring data from your CRM system to life.

When planning your campaigns or store locations, identify at street level where target customers live and thus where to advertise or open new outlets. We offer not just road maps but rich datasets of addresses and amenities such as banks, restaurants and pharmacies that can help you understand competitor services in detail.

During execution, put location at the heart of your online campaigns – 'enter your postcode to find your nearest dealer and book a test drive'. We offer a range of Web services and free datasets that can help you deliver websites and apps very cost-effectively.

Breaking results down on a map by sales territory, city and even street means that your busy MD will be able to take them in at a glance – and presenting RoI convincingly means that you'll improve your chances of securing the budget you need for your next campaign.

Case studies

T4 Media offers national advertising opportunities at some 5 000 transport-related locations across the UK. Free-to-use OS OpenData™ products within a desktop spatial information system assist in preparing proposals to demonstrate the value and advertising potential of its approach.

Chorley Council uses a website with interactive maps to market the town centre to retailers and others as a desirable location in which to trade.

From a website showing polling stations and registry offices to applications enabling staff to classify home care packages, Gwynedd Council uses mapping to present, manage and analyse a wide range of information.

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