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Transport and navigation services

Organisations – private business, government and the emergency services – rely on transport systems to support a wide variety of activities. The use of geographic information is essential in the running of an efficient business.

  • The emergency services use our data to shorten their response times and coordinate incident response
  • Transport companies use our data to provide passenger information
  • Utilities companies use our data for the scheduling of street works
  • Supply chain and logistic management companies use our data to ensure deliveries are made on time and to the correct location

Ash Parish Council uses digital mapping

By taking our data and overlaying it with your own information you will be able to improve customer service, quicken response times, schedule appointments more tightly and reduce transport costs.

Case studies

Harrow County Council's waste collection routes are continuously analysed and optimised using Ordnance Survey's OS MasterMap ITN Layer as the core network dataset.

With the help of OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer, Exactrak was able to provide better system performance, together with enhanced capabilities, that would deliver operational efficiencies.

By relying on Ordnance Survey mapping data, Lincolnshire County Council reduces its supported bus services budget by £1,000,000 yet provides a more efficient and popular rural bus service.

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