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Trade Mark Licensing application process

For the use of the Ordnance Survey Brand under licence on non-mapping / merchandise products.

If you would like to use the OS Brand on these type of products, you should make an application to the OS Trade Mark Licensing Programme following the procedure below.

If your application is successful you will need to enter into a Trade Mark Licence which sets out the terms and conditions (and royalties) which apply to your use of the OS Brand. We will only offer agreements for products that meet our strategic and commercial requirements and there is proven mutual benefit.

Businesses wishing to license the Ordnance Survey Brand can register their interest with us by completing the OS Trade Mark Licensing application form.

Our team will need the following information to review your proposal:

  • Company background
  • Current product portfolio, target customers, distribution channels
  • Overview of proposal – ‘elevator pitch’

Trade Mark Licensing application process


External Business approach


Review of proposal

Preliminary go / no go decision made by OS.


In-depth due diligence process


Contractual terms and conditions agreed

Final agreement made between OS and business to approve Trade Mark Licence.