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Customer moment: Europa Technologies and flood analysis

We believe the future is full of opportunities for commercial growth, and geospatial data is at the centre of it.

At OS, we truly believe that Partners are the key to realising the value that contracts like the PSGA opens up – and it's a view that the Geospatial Commission are passionate about too.

Our final video of the week is from David Henderson, Chief Geospatial Officer, Chris Chambers, Head of PSGA and Jo Shannon, Director of Technology and Design as they look to the future and talk about how technology and trends will power our future activities.

Future thinking resources

Using digital twins to drive value from physical assets

Geospatial technologies can solve some of the critical challenges faced across the Energy and Infrastructure sectors.

How geospatial intelligence is shaping our world

There is a structural shift happening in the way we understand, observe and interact with the world around us.

Geospatial skills will underpin everything - how the UK can benefit

From the shape of a river valley to the location of a mega data center, it is geography that underpins the shape of the modern world.

The Power of Place

We are on the edge of a geospatial transformation. What started as a simple data set is now becoming a powerful geospatial knowledge infrastructure, integrating data from a plethora of other sources.

Watch the recording – A review of Partner Week with a quiz

On the final day of our week long virtual event we will host a quiz style review of OS Partner Week 2020 whilst looking to the future and how we can support our growing network of Partners.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Partner week, if you missed any of the elements, you can find our resources on the OS Partner week page.