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Monday's resources for OS Partner Week

Welcome to day 1 of OS Partner Week where you'll get all the latest information about Ordnance Survey's strategy.

Firstly we have a video to start off your day – today it's the turn of CEO Steve Blair who has been talking to John Kimmance, MD of the National Mapping Service and Stefan Wells, Head of Partners. They'll be talking about the changing landscape and how Geospatial Information and the organisations that use it are making sure that they take advantage of the opportunities that are on the horizon.

Strategy resources

Partner Advisory Council (PAC) elections 2020

The Partner Advisory Council (PAC) - a group of elected Ordnance Survey partners representing the views, ideas and opinions of the partner community to OS in a fair and balanced way.

How automation and cloud computing are revolutionising geospatial change detection

Ordnance Survey (OS) are investing in core technology, data and people over the next three years, to better serve customers for the long term including increasing the technical consultant team, by 35% this year so far. For OS partners, this investment translates into improved data currency, access and support.

Interview with John Kimmance on the role of Partners and the changes we're making to open up commercial opportunities

The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) is used by countless public sector agencies, from local authorities concerned with planning, natural capital and waste collection, to the emergency services that keep us all safe.

OS Annual Report 2020

Here you can find the OS annual reports and accounts from the last three years, ready for you to download.

How Partners can use OS data for developing solutions to Covid-19

The pandemic and the rapid speed at which it spread presented nations and governments around the world with an unexpected new set of problems. Great Britain’s response has been supported by Ordnance Survey’s geospatial data and experts. Here we outline how Partners can get involved.

Watch the recording – Supporting the community to achieve our goals

Our webinar is dedicated to the candidates standing for election to the Partner Advisory Council. We will be speaking to each candidate about a number of themes that affect the Partner community. We'll outline the future opportunities for PAC influence and involvement in key areas and allow the candidates to showcase how they will use their experience to support the work in these areas.

Customer moment: The Land App

Thanks to everyone who has joined us today, you can find our resources on the OS Partner week page.