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Customer moment: Addresscloud’s work with Riverford

Working with subject matter experts and technical consultants to help release the value in OS data.

Theory is great, but we know (because you've told us) that delivering great datasets is only useful if there is a recipient that has the technical ability to use it. This is where Partners are key, but we are also aware (because you've told us) that even your technical experts need a helping hand sometimes.

Today's daily video is from Dr Egbe Manners, Product Manager and former Technical Consultant, Michael Gordon, Strategic Product Manager and John Hoopes Developer Advocate, all of whom are focussed on offering a range of technical support to our Partners. They're talking about our commitment to invest in core technology, data and people over the next three years, to better serve our Partners for the long term.

Technical support resources

Quick Start Guides

Documentation for the API products that are available through the OS Data Hub.

Case study: Sprift Using OS data to help fix the housing market

How Sprift, a UK tech start-up and OS Partner has used brought together location intelligence on any property in the country, in one place, online.

APIs on a page

Bring your solutions to life with OS data and APIs. Get started for free and benefit from the power of location by incorporating Great Britain’s most comprehensive geographic data into your applications.

Democratising the use of location

A new breed of geo-tech start-ups are doing for geospatial what smartphones did for photography and democratising the use of location, by making it accessible and usable by all.

Try our new OS Open Zoomstack styles for colour blind users

Unless you’re colour blind, you are unlikely to be aware of the problems which cartographic styles and colour schemes cause for those affected by CVD

Colour blind friendly mapping: Where are we taking it next?

Jessica Baker talks through where our CVD mapping is going next and new ways you can access these styles.

Software without geospatial power has ‘lost’ the plot

We all know how locked down and controlled 2020 has been. Paradoxically perhaps, this very act of containment has driven an increased use of world mapping data and geospatially-aware software, as we seek to find out what’s happening around the planet.

Watch the recording – Bringing our APIs to life

Our webinar is all about supporting technical teams within Partner organisations. Our Developer advocate will be joined by members of our consultancy and technical support team who are perfectly positioned to help you to get the most out of OS data.

Thanks to everyone who joined us earlier in the week, if you missed any of the elements, you can find our resources on the OS Partner week page.