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Making licensing simple for easier access to location data

Our Partners rely on our data to run their business. Which is why we’ve transformed the way you can access, use and share our data. It’s now easier to use because we’ve changed our pricing and licensing.

To help users to visualise, analyse and navigate we’re supporting greater use of OS data for anyone through;

  • The new OS Data Hub giving immediate access to our most detailed location data and property level address information;
  • A series of APIs that connect directly to our data - supplying the latest updates on demand; and
  • A range of new tools and resources to better enable users to optimise the value and management of our data.

To ensure cost isn’t a barrier this includes:

  • Up to £1,000 free threshold per calendar month of use of our most detailed data, including OS MasterMap, free, for those providing products and services via APIs; and
  • Reducing royalties by up to 90% for the offline use of data, including our most valuable property level address data.

You will also be able to easily access and use our complete and accurate property addressing data via a new plug and play product – AddressBase Core. This provides address, UPRN, location, information on usage, and cross-referencing of 33 million addresses across GB in a simple, pre-processed, flat-file dataset, designed to be simple to use and unlock immediate value from Britain’s most complete address data.

How we’re freeing up our licensing terms and expanding our portfolio of high quality, maintained, open data:

  • New freedoms for the public sector to publish more of their authoritative data under open licence terms – including property extents and data held against the key identifiers UPRN, USRN and TOID driving greater levels of data sharing and supporting to increased interoperability between important government datasets;
  • Four new OS OpenData products to support linking and analysing location-based information more easily using the key identifiers UPRN, USRN and TOID;
  • Free, unlimited access to APIs serving OS OpenData for anyone wishing to use the data for either personal or commercial purpose in addition to existing download terms; and
  • The OS Data Hub replacing the old OS OpenData portal – where users can more easily find and access OS OpenData, without any requirement to register in order to download this data.

These changes are only the start. We have an ambitious roadmap working in collaboration with expert user groups to bring improvements and new developments with real impact, directly supporting the vision and outcomes of the Geospatial Commission’s National Geospatial Strategy.


How to become an OS Partner

You can register your details and become an OS Licensed Partner with no added barriers or complexity. After registering, our dedicated and highly experienced Partner Team will contact you to walk you through your application, making it easy.


Try our OS OpenData API’s

Hop onto to one of the OS trial plans choosing from the unlimited free access OS OpenData plan or even our OS OpenData Premium plan which not only enables you unlimited free access of OS OpenData but up to £1,000 of free premium data every month and much more. This gives you the ultimate chance to experience our outstanding OS data and decide what is best for you.


Trial OS data to research and develop your ideas

If so, the Data Exploration Licence is the thing for you. This is a free of charge, 12-month licence which enables you to explore our great OS data for 12 months and Third-Party OS data for 3 months.

All the above are supported in detail by our Legal T&C’s which we work continuously to keep as simple and as intuitive as possible by closely monitoring our customer feedback.


Not clear what exactly you require and need some help?

We have a contact us section which can point you in the right direction to get the exact advice you need either via email through one of the OS team or via the telephone if you would rather speak to us.

We continue to welcome our customer feedback whether positive or negative to constantly improve our website, registration process and general overall experience. If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear from you.

From 2021, we will start releasing new, richer data through the OS Data Hub, and we look forward to working closely with our partner community to ensure our data supports innovative, efficient, and effective delivery of public services, as well as the generation of real economic value for the UK.