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Ambiental provide flood risk consultancy, flood modelling, floodmap production and catastrophe models. Ambiental's products and services cater for a range of customer groups with solutions tailored to suit a variety of budgets and applications within the UK and internationally.

Ambiental has grown to become a renowned global leader at the forefront of the flood risk industry through ongoing commitment to R&D, strong links with academia and regulatory policymakers. Relied on by blue chip organisations and government bodies to improve flood planning and decision making. Ambiental’s services enable clients to be agile in automated decisioning and better positioned to understand flooding.

Partner Solutions

UKFloodMap is an established flood dataset for the United Kingdom. Ordnance Survey AddressBase data provides geographically accurate building level precision which underpins the accuracy of property specific analysis work performed against the UKFloodMap product. OS OpenData is also utilised to enhance the product offering.

Built on high resolution topograhic information UKFloodMap uses the best currently available input data and provides the most complete view of flood risk available today, enabling underwriters, planners and others to make far better decisions and improve loss control.

UKFloodMap covers all majors sources of flooding, i.e. fluvial, tidal and flash/surface water, all of which have been modelled using Ambiental’s well respected and proven FlowRoute flood model. FlowRoute utilises hydrological and 2D hydraulic modelling techniques and features integrated flow rate and rainfall data. Data is provided at a range of return periods and supports applications in insurance, planning, government and emergency response.