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Using OS data to help fix the housing market

How Sprift, a UK tech start-up and OS Partner has used brought together location intelligence on any property in the country, in one place, online.


Solving what the UK Government calls ‘the broken housing market’, is one of the biggest challenges of our age. By using Ordnance Survey mapping and overlaying relevant data, Sprift, a UK tech start-up and OS Licensed Partner have brought together all the intelligence on any property in the country, in one place, online.

Accurate and up-to-date information on property is frustratingly difficult to access. Sprift’s innovative platform is helping ensure this knowledge is now at the fingertips of buyers, sellers, investors and agents.

Sprift is improving the efficiency and transparency of a market that’s fundamental to the UK’s growth and to its citizens’ wellbeing.


Technology means people now expect to receive the information they need at the click of a button. The property market is traditionally opaque.

How to bring together in one place, and in a user-friendly and accurate way, all the information clients need to know about property.

Making sense of datasets

Making sense of datasets in a way that works for a range of different audience/client types: for example, investors, renters, house buyers, property developers, solicitors, and surveyors.

Developing a platform that helps take the stress out of property, whether buying, selling, developing or managing it.


bringing together datasets and overlaying this intelligence on OS MasterMap.

Sprift has created the most transparent and comprehensive property data platform by bringing together datasets and overlaying this intelligence on OS MasterMap.

Sprift works for property developers and investors looking to start or grow their property portfolio.

Sprift is ‘co-created’, meaning the more people who join the partnership, the better the experience.

Feedback shows that OS MasterMap’s usability and visual accessibility is key to the positive perception’s users have of the Sprift platform.

"“Key to the success of Sprift is the quality of this data and how we present it to our users. Our partnership with Ordnance Survey is at the very heart of this, allowing us to present all information in the most comprehensive and transparent way. We are proud that we embed a map of the quality of the OS MasterMap and all associated data”. "
Matt Gilpin, Founder and CEO of Sprift


For the first time, the market has a single point of access for all information on any property in the country.

Micro-businesses and SMEs looking to invest and grow, are saving time and money that used to be spent searching the internet and travelling the country.

Agents can partner with Sprift to ensure their clients are given the most accurate and up-to-date information on properties in their area.

Buying, renting, or selling a house often tops the list of most stressful aspects of modern life. By logging on to Sprift, users can access all property data they need, in real-time, improving, and de-stressing this experience.

Sprift is helping the Government respond to the problems of the UK’s housing market, supporting developers to bring forward new homes, and helping people onto and up the housing ladder.


Find out how our address data could maximise your property portfolio

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap® Topography Layer is the most detailed complete and current view of Great Britain’s landscape, allowing you to make location based decisions about your assets, risks and services.​


Accurate, up-to-date maps that offer the most convenient way to add detailed OS data to your application.