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OS OpenMap - Local

Map, visualise, and truly understand your data at street level.


From Parliamentary constituencies to council wards, Boundary-Line™ maps every administrative boundary in detail for you. And what's more, it's completely free to download and use.

OS Terrain 50

A free to use topology GIS dataset, to help you visualise simple landscapes in 3D and bring your geographic analysis to life.

OS Open Linked Identifiers

OS Open Linked Identifiers provides authoritative relationship between UPRNs, USRNs, TOIDs and meta data to enable reliable matching; for greater data connectivity.

OS Open Zoomstack

OS Open Zoomstack makes OS open data more accessible, customisable and easier to use. It provides a single, customisable map of Great Britain to be used at national and local levels.

Code-Point Open

Get started with geographical analysis, simple route planning and asset management.

OS Open Rivers

Understand how water bodies and watercourses in Great Britain join up.

OS Open Roads

Get a high-level view of the road network, from motorways to country lanes.