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Town, parish & community councils

Access data and support for free by joining the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA), to help you deliver better local services.

Mapping data helps to make towns and villages great places to live.

Community mapping can improve the services you provide and help you plan better for the future. With simple maps, you can set out Neighbourhood Plan options and explain your preferred solution to residents clearly.

You can access OS products that make this possible. These are free at point of use and are included in the PSGA, a mapping agreement that covers England, Scotland and Wales.

Check if your organisation is already a member.

Getting started

To get the best out of OS data, you will need to use it within a geographic information system (GIS).

This will process your data, alongside our data, so that you can visualise your information and use in your council work.

The following OS Partners offer a simple GIS service to help you get started.

  • Parish Online
    Parish Online is an easy-to-use, cost-effective mapping tool that helps councils access maps and manage their local area. It includes Ordnance Survey mapping and high resolution aerial photography as well as over 250 map datasets used in planning, transport and environment.

  • Pear Technology
    Pear Technology provides interactive mapping software designed for non-IT specialists. The full range of Pear GIS products is backed up with a full map preparation service and technical support.

Your Principal Authority may also be able to provide web-based solutions and services.

Success stories

Asset management

Ash Parish Council is a member who has used geographic data to help oversee all their assets.

Mapping benefits

Using Ordnance Survey’s large-scale mapping, Chesham Town Council can effectively manage their cemetery bringing £12,000 in income.

Cutting costs

By automating their Local Land Charges search process using GIS, Teignbridge district council were able to cut costs by £60,000.

Flood analysis

Wiltshire have combined local knowledge with Ordnance Survey mapping to analyse local flood impacts and risks in Dauntsey Parish.

Parish online

Parish online have their own dedicated list of case studies which feature Ordnance survey location data and can be found here.