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Introduction to the PSGA - What can be achieved using digital mapping and how

Tuesday 13 September, 10:00-13:30

Join OS and OS Partners, Parish online and Pear technology, this autumn and find out how your organisation can benefit from being a member of the PSGA.

We understand that working with location data can be challenging, especially if you are new to digital mapping, and although your organisation is a member of the PSGA, you may not know how to get the most out of it or what’s involved.

This online event, specifically for town, parish and community councils will provide you with the latest information and support Councillors and Clerks need to understand the different options available and help you to get more out of the PSGA.

The event will be run virtually using MS Teams Live and all registered delegates will receive instructions of how to access the event on the day, along with details of the agenda beforehand.

A series of presentations and demos will provide an overview of the services the PSGA provides local councils and the options available

Hear from our partners, Parish online and Pear Technology, specialists in mapping solutions for local councils

Pose questions to our panel of presenters and get the answers you need to get the most out of being a member of the PSGA