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What hidden power will you discover with Britain's most authoritative address system?

Address data is a powerful way to connect and exchange data about people, places and properties. There are over 40 million addresses in Britain and Ordnance Survey can show you where each is, what it represents, and what’s around it. Giving you the power to accurately locate, plan and respond.

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Addresscloud Using OS Data For New UAV Project

The LandSafe database will meet the needs of the emerging UAV delivery market, with users able to type in an address and see whether a drone can be landed at a property.

How to reduce administrative expenses with AddressBase

Our AddressBase address data is being utilised by our partners to create software and solutions that improve business processes for businesses across the world.

Using OS Data To Accurately Identify Environmental Risk

Balkerne enables property owners and insurers to prevent losses from manmade and natural events through predictive, actionable, and location-based intelligence.

Why our addressing matters

We have designed an interactive StoryMap that gives users an introduction to Code-Point, Code-Point with Polygons, Code-Point Open and AddressBase products.

Address data news and case studies

How OS data is being used to support the roll-out of faster broadband

OS data is supporting 15 regional fibre broadband companies across GB to identify target locations for the roll out the network, as well as planning ongoing maintenance.

OS data supports Tower Hamlets Council's Covid-19 response

Samuel Jones, Senior Intelligence & Performance Manager at Tower Hamlets Council, describes how utilising Ordnance Survey (OS) data and spatial analysis has been crucial to their response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

London Ambulance Service NHS Trust uses OS Places API for out of area look ups

Using the OS Places API allows the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust to use flexible search methods for call handlers including full address, partial address.

Addresscloud use OS Open Data to introduce kerbside location accuracy

Addresscloud use OS Open USRN data alongside OS AddressBase, to introduce kerbside location accuracy for every property in Great Britain.