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OS Dissertation Programme

Since 2001, we’ve sponsored over 100 students from more than 25 universities through our OS Dissertation Programme.

We look out for students who are doing research that fits in with our research strategy, and where we will have an in-house expert that can supervise alongside a student’s university supervisor. We provide advice, data where required and if available, and then sponsorship of up to £1,000 once you complete your dissertation.

If you're a student, come to us with your project ideas and we can discuss whether they match our research interests. We'd be very happy to talk about your project objectives and work with you to produce good quality research with valuable outcomes. Alternatively, you could start by looking through our research topics to find a subject that interests you, and then we can discuss how your courses needs relate to our research ideas.

If you would like more information and to be considered for the Programme, please complete this form with a few of your details:

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    In the 'Job title' field, please include the name of the course you're studying.
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Thank you for your interest.

Related information

Our research topics

We're researching a wide range of topics, from 3D and height data to remote sensing, linked data, automatic change detection and crowd sourcing.

Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research

If you've got any research ideas that you think may be relevant to our work, we'd like to hear from you.

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