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What is Digimap for Schools?

With Digimap for Schools pupils and teachers can access seamless Ordnance Survey mapping covering the whole of Great Britain. Digimap for Schools provides a complete library of maps for Great Britain in a safe online environment that students can be encouraged to explore whenever they need a map.

Users can access eight different scales of maps, including digital versions of the 1:50 000 OS Landranger and 1:25 000 OS Explorer series. The large scale maps at 1:1250 give pupils the most detailed mapping of their local area.

As well as the modern mapping, historical layers of data are also included for the 1890s and 1950s. Any two eras of mapping can be viewed at once with the most recent map made translucent so users can easily see how the landscape has changed.

The service supports:

  • Progression in geography from KS1 through to A Level.
  • Scottish social-studies outcomes; people, place and environment.
  • National 4 and 5 geography added value units.
  • Use through the geography curriculum; the service also offers cross curricular use in Maths, History, Literacy and activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh.

Using the tool

Digimap for Schools features a number of tools that enable you to customise your mapping by:

  • Adding text labels and point markers.
  • Drawing regular and irregular polygons of differing colours and opacity.
  • Drawing lines of differing weights and designs.
  • Using a buffer tool to create areas of a fixed size enclosing a point or a line.
  • Adding photos to your map.
  • Measuring tools giving you the ability to measure distances and areas on the maps.

Maps can be saved to use another time, or printed at A4 or A3. Printed maps can include any annotations that have been added and are printed with a north point and scale bar. Grid lines can also be added to a printed map.

To help pupils with four and six-figure grid references, you can overlay the National Grid system on the on-screen map. Another tool will pin point a grid reference with the click of the mouse.

Digimap for Schools now accepts CSV files, which allows you to overlay primary and secondary data directly on the mapping. This new tool enables Digimap for Schools to be used as a low level GIS package.


The service includes many free resources, covering all key stages. These have been created by geography experts to help teachers get the most out of the service.

An annual rolling subscription covering the whole school is available for Primary Schools for as little as £69. For secondary schools, prices are up to £143.75 (depending on the number of learners).

To subscribe, visit the Edina website.

More information

Other useful information

Here you can find information on the available GI software packages for schools.

Download the map symbols from our popular OS Explorer™ maps and Landranger® maps.

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