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Data acquisition: capturing & processing data

Our principal function is to publish geographic information (GI) through capturing and processing spatial data.

Traditionally, we, and our contractors, have updated our high-quality topographic digital mapping using manual capture methods carried out by field or photogrammetric surveyors. Whilst this remains at the heart of OS, we have begun enriching our data and improving our processes using semi and fully-automated techniques.

Our research is focussed both on increasing the efficiency of our existing data capture and processing, and on developing our capability to capture new data and products using novel techniques and new data sources.

Areas of interest and activity include:

  • Remote sensing and image processing
  • Computer vision and machine learning
  • Crowdsourcing and Web processing (including natural language processing)
  • Sensors, sources (including Sensor Nets)

Contact us

For more information:

Contact: Anne Patrick, Research Project Coordinator

Email: universityenquiries@os.uk

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