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Enriching the content of place-based information

This programme of research is looking into the geographic aspects of achieving more information-rich data content attuned to user activities. It involves many of the ‘Geography’ research themes including conceptual modelling from user perspectives, provenance of potential place based information, content quality and usability. It is also related to and supports the GeoData Engineering theme.

Currently the focus is on putting place at the heart of our geographic information through the development of models for advanced gazetteers. Here the focus is on identity, lifecycles and topologic relationships rather than Ordnance Survey’s traditional primary emphasis on positional accuracy and geometric description, in effect putting place before space. The research includes investigating:

  • User needs for modern gazetteers;
  • A uniform gazetteer model;
  • Vernacular names and relationship (e.g. near to);
  • Disambiguation
  • Relationship to other data content
  • Representation as Linked Data

Contact us

For more information:

Contact: Anne Patrick, Research Project Coordinator

Email: universityenquiries@os.uk

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