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Data science

We enrich our data by adding data capture from new sources or sensors – this is the aim of the Sensors and Sources research. But our data can also be enriched through analysis, inference and deduction, and detailed data can be generalised. These are the aims of the GeoData Engineering research stream. Here our research interests cover:

  • Interference and analysis over geographic information (GI): Answering questions such as “What can be inferred from the data we have?” and “What hidden relationships can be exposed through spatial and attribute analysis?”
  • Cartographic generalisation, the process of simplifying graphic maps: This has been a long-running research theme at OS and one where we have had considerable success. Whereas cartographic generalisation results in the production of less detailed mapping, here the aim is to reduce or summarise GI content. In doing so we will generate the potential for new low cost or open products. This is a new area of research for us.

Contact us

For more information:

Contact: Anne Patrick, Research Project Coordinator

Email: universityenquiries@os.uk

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