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Chiselton Constabulary Incident Reports

These reports support the teaching resource
'A Dangerous Road'.

Report 1

Time 09.30 am

Telephone call received from Mrs Davina Jumblehook ‘There has been a bad accident on the Great Scots Road under a bridge involving two lorries.’ She is not local and can give no better description than that. She is currently travelling from Scotland to London.

Report 2

Time 09.40 am

The Police helicopter is now hovering over the scene of an accident on the M100. He gives the map reference as 171 856 directly under the railway bridge. The observer in the helicopter reports that three large vehicles have been involved and that there is already a mile tailback forming on the northbound carriageway.

Report 3

Time 09.45 am

Telephone call received from a Mr David Sweetly, 2 Robin Lane, Highbury.‘My wife Denise and two year old daughter went shopping early this morning at in Huntingbridge just south of Middle Afton. She is now 20 minutes late. I have tried ringing on her mobile phone, but it just rings and no one answers. This is unusual as she always has it with her and she is always on time’.

Report 4

Time 09.50 am

Message from PC Andy Chipfield who has arrived on the scene. The vehicles are:

Vehicle 1 is a petrol tanker registration number R38 XXT. It is blocking all three lanes of the carriageway and the hard shoulder. The driver is safe. Liquid can be seen dripping from this vehicle.

Vehicle 2 is a bread lorry registration number S222 BAB. The vehicle is on its side and has crashed sideways into the petrol tanker.

Vehicle 3 is a lorry carrying paper registration number R505 JTJ. It has smashed into bread lorry and the support for the Railway Bridge.

Report 5

Time 09.55 am

Further message from PC Andy Chipfield ‘The driver trapped in the paper lorry has now been freed by the Fire Brigade and they are cutting free the driver of the bread lorry. There is now a tailback of at least two miles on the northbound carriageway and there have been several minor accidents on the southbound carriageway, which has caused a half-mile tailback. On the northbound carriageway just north of the bridge is a dead Muntjac Deer which appears to have been knocked down.’

Report 6

Time 10.00 am

Tom Smith, a tractor driver is calling from the telephone box in Lowbury. He was ploughing on the East Side of the M100 near the Railway Bridge. He witnessed the accident. He says it was caused by a blue 4-door family saloon car. He did not see all the registration number, but he believes the numbers were 334. This vehicle braked really hard to avoid a small animal on the road. The vehicles travelling behind braked hard to avoid this blue car. Unfortunately the petrol tanker lost control and the other lorries crashed into it, under the bridge. Mr Smith will be available at 18.00 for a statement to be taken tonight.

Report 7

Time 10.10 am

Helicopter Report. People are gathering on both sides of the motorway from the villages of Highbury and Lowbury, to look at the accident.

Report 8

Time 10.25 am

David Sweetly has called again. He is very worried about his wife and daughter. He knows there is an accident on the M100. His wife is now over an hour late and she is still not answering her mobile phone.

Report 9

Time 10.55 am

Jason Catamole has rung in from work in Huntingbridge. He was travelling south on the M100, about 9.30. As he approached the Railway Bridge he saw a Vauxhall Vectra swerving all over the road. He wished to make a complaint of dangerous driving, as he feels the driver could have caused an accident. He thinks the registration number was something like S—MLN. The driver was a male aged about 30 years old, with short dark hair. He will be at home after 19.00 to give a statement.

Report 10

Time 11.00 am

Police computer report. Vehicle is a Vauxhall Vectra SRi reg. no S334 MLN. The owner is Maureen Slipper 200 Mount Everest Road, Boroughbury.

Report 11

Time 11.10 am

Further report from PC Andy Chipfield, ‘Am standing near the accident and I can hear a mobile phone ringing. It seems to be coming from beneath the bread lorry’

Report 12

Time 11.20 am

Further message from PC Andy Chipfield, ‘I have crawled under the bread lorry with the fireman and we can see a red car of some kind. The registration number is J15 SST. It is completely hidden from view, so we had not noticed it before’.

Report 13

Time 11.25 am

Report from the helicopter. ‘Fire crew have just released a lady and a young child from the red car hidden from view, in the accident. They have minor cuts and bruises, but other than that are fine. It is believed their lives were saved by their seat belts’.

Report 14

Time 11.30 am

Telephone call received from a Mr Gordon Slipper of Boroughbury. He believes he may have caused a problem on the M100 today and would like to speak to a police officer about it.

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