Become a geography whiz (ages 7-11)

Swot up on your map reading skills and watch wildlife presenter Steve Backshall's videos - he's got some really helpful tips.

4-figure grid reference

6-figure grid reference

Height and shape

Map reading skills

All you need to know about maps: symbols, grids, scale, the height of land and using a compass.

Learn map skills

Easy peasy map guide

Get some helpful tips on how to use a map when you're outside exploring.

Map reading help

Map of Great Britain

How many places, regions and boundaries do you know? Use these maps to test your knowledge.

Download map of GB

Map of Europe

See how many countries you can name. Have you been to any of these places?

Download map of Europe

Remember the basics...

These videos will help to jog your memory on the map reading basics:

Map symbols

How to use a compass

Find your way outside

Now you're a geography whiz - can you do our games and quizzes?

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